Dvorec -
Sliezska osada and surroundings

Farm House Karol and Family House Klára are located nortwest of Dvorec village in the part Sliezska osada. You can find it past the turnoff leading
to Ruskovce off the main motorway road I/50, connecting Trenčín
(31 kilometres away) and Bánovce nad Bebravou (7 kilometres away).
The name Sliezska osada comes from the beginning of the 19th century, when this part of Dvorec was settled by the inhabitants of the Czech-Polish border Silesia.
Today Sliezska osada has more than 60 inhabitants which is due to the recent building activity constantly on the increase.
The typical feature of this village is its farming nature, corn, fodder, fruits and vegetables growing and animal breeding.

It lays on the foothill of Nitrianska pahorkatina, from the nortwest it is surrounded by a mountain range Považský Inovec, from the north by Strážovské vrchy and by Tríbeč mountain from the south.
Stream Inovec, which flows in the village, stems from Inovec mountain (1042 metres above the sea level) and flows towards Biskupice to merge with Bebrava river, part of the Nitra drainage basin area.
The neighbouring villages of Sliezska Osada are Dvorec and Veľké Držkovce, near-by Ruskovce, Cimenná, Dolné Čuklasovce, Haláčovce, Veľká a Malá Hradná, Veľké Chlievany, Biskupice and Dolné Ozorovce.
This area offers various possibilities for the active holidays like swimming in the water reservoirs or in the close recreational resort Duchonka, walking around the nerby forests while hunting for mushrooms, or cycling off the beaten tracks.

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